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dprn09lmyy is offline top dprn09lmyy said on 01/07/2014 04:52 AM :

[results] Tianxin team Jinhua Jinhua fruit invites you to win the nonagricultural [Tianxin team golden fruit] golden fruit invites you to win nonfarm payrolls, it can reflect the development and growth of the manufacturing industry and service industry, reduce the number of representative enterprises to reduce production, the economic downturn. When the social economy rapidly, consumption increases, consumption and service industry jobs will increase. When the non farm payrolls increased significantly, indicating a healthy economy, the theory of exchange rate should be beneficial, and may indicate that higher interest rates, and the potential high interest rates to the foreign exchange market to push the currency value, and vice versa. Therefore, the data is an important index to observe the social economic and financial development level and status. Non farm employment for a project in the employment report, mainly engaged in the project case statistics change of post agricultural production outside. If the increase in nonagricultural employment index, reflecting the rising economic development, otherwise down. Non exclusive battlefield 75572063, note the golden fruit can enter. The relationship between the dollar and gold is generally inversely proportional to, that is to say the dollar rise, investors tend to buy dollars, sell gold, the same words, the dollar fell, investors tend to sell the dollar, gold value. The nonagricultural only once in January, many investors borrow this opportunity in the longterm layout, which is the eyes of many analysts Jianqian chance, so it is particularly important, nonagricultural night, many investors are turned over several times, and even ten times have! According to some data and the general situation of non agricultural market, in September this year will be relatively large, investment friends must seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity! I wish you all a happy make investment, non agricultural university My experience, let you step by step! Qun:75572063 verification Jinhua fruit.

phcq11sopu is offline top phcq11sopu said on 01/07/2014 04:53 AM :

Guangxi writer Riekawa. Guangxi writer Zhu Shanpo.   Nanning Guangxi news network March 22nd news recently, people's Literature magazine with royal literature started the Jiaozi you top20 selection activities. Activities through the online and offline selection way, and ultimately selected 20 young novelist Chinese most creative perspective and strength. In the 66 candidate list published at the same time, Guangxi writer Chuan Ying, Zhu Shanpo among them. It is understood, in the future everyone candidates should be age below 41 years including 41 years, inclusion criteria were: show the anticipated creative talent and the spirit of exploration, has become the leading Chinese literature trend in all of literature. It invited more than 70 young people, media critic and publisher, recommend their own eyes the future, the formation of the list of 66 candidates, on this basis, through public network voting and the two rounds of voting, the first step to select 40 people, and ultimately selected 20 people. The starting point Chinese net and banyan 66 candidates information will be posted on the royal literature's website, by the readers in the network voting. Activity continued for more than four months, in August this year in Chengdu announced you top20 final list.   in the writing on the road passed through ten years of Yingchuan, head of the Guangxi show prize, Guangxi youth prize for literature, Guangxi literature and Art Award, bronze prize of people's literature, Chinese literature media the most potential optical ring award, still neither fast nor slow to Syria write a legend of little people, the novel tough sharp and free arbitrariness, adept at finding natural spirit in the scribbled complex life of literary meaning Chen Xiaoming language. In that you are in the list, Riekawa said: of course happy, because no matter how the final result, this is to me the past writing affirmation and to encourage future writing, and love of literature as a group of people watching, the hearts will be very warm. Then have a look around, there are so many likeminded 'author' in the effort, how many 'flash' thought for me to borrow?   for the reporter asked you have in mind for the future of literature who you are? This problem, Chuan Ying said, 'everyone' for me is a kind of ideal, a kind of state, also can say is a state of mind, to tell you the truth, I have never had become masters of the dream, I always afraid of being to compare with others, created after ten years of precipitation, the more I feel writing is a can make labor heart of the people, I cherish this calm.   and Chuan Ying also shortlisted Guangxi writer Zhu Shanpo, in 2004 began the true sense of the novel creation. The debut late in Yulin, won the first Yu Dafu prize for fiction, the Ninth Shanghai literature award, to the text of the harsh, demanding writing out their own wonderful, its accompany the night.

mkcl07pfka is offline top mkcl07pfka said on 01/07/2014 04:54 AM :

China ASEAN Expo has been held for eight years, as a Liuzhou people, I've talked to a lot of people outside in Nanning, China ASEAN Expo held at the beginning of, also think that it is just the capital of Nanning event event, what have I to do with! Although as a prison, police, during the annual NPC and CPPCC a festival period, we are in a state of high tension, defend, ensure that prison safety NPC and CPPCC section during, never give up event, but in addition, we feel with the exposition of the distance very far away from or. Until 2005 the second China ASEAN Expo held, the spiritual sense of distance was changed. Moreover, with the ASEAN Expo next to the host, we the people outside the capital of Nanning also think ASEAN Expo and our relationships become more and more close. In 2005 September, our prison system in each prison deployed dozens of police to Guangxi Medical University for a period of two months of psychological counseling qualification training and examination. Because of the tight schedule, the task is heavy, everyone is afraid of examination pass back to the unit not good job, come out with the college entrance examination in those days the momentum, study everyday in seize every minute and second. Although people in the capital, but nobody wanted to go shopping or entertainment, leisure way is in the cafeteria to eat while watching the news or walking in the campus, see medical school dressed rich multicolored decorations, we also feel the warm atmosphere NPC and CPPCC section. One night, we return next night, to see the night sky fireworks, is aware of the opening ceremony of Folk Festival, we can not visit the scene, stand in the dormitory balcony see chat. We talked about the folk festival of the viewing experience, I talk about the folk festival opening ceremony Siqingerile sings folk songs like the spring river water, my mother is very excited, also followed and sing, but while singing does not follow to go up tone, light the fire said: this group of people what the hell, take a song changed in no way! Then the affectation to tune in, eventually finished the whole Party fun. That everyone is in high spirits, said excitedly: yes, my old ghost also is such, those old songs they want to sing, but they now sing again with their previous is not the same, so they also hate and love, always like this! While we see chat, although the fireworks can not see the panorama, the sound of music is also vague reverberation, can the opening ceremony ended and we don't want to leave. This is the first time I and folk festival have close contacts, but unforgettable. Training back heel sister department about folk festival opening ceremony is still very excited, she is also very excited, said her nephew is a volunteer, also had the honor to attend the opening ceremony of the year, see my idol Kris Phillips. Sorry? Kris Phillips. I'm surprised to shout, sister knows to say: is your idol on? I nodded and asked: the photograph which is more handsome? I may say, his picture even more handsome, and very amiable and easy of approach, very considerate staff, there is no point rack! ASEAN Expo related to our people outside these Nanning is just as ASEAN expo!

dprn09lmyy is offline top dprn09lmyy said on 01/08/2014 03:41 AM :

Messy you said I see the friendship is very light, can not be denied, I always be proud of the children, only those you seem busy socalled broken things. You say it is a despicable, it changes the way we changed our original life trajectory, sometimes suffer puzzled and discrimination, start very sad, but in the course of time, we have not found a person, one day found that hepatitis B medicine is a hoax, and the doctor said very much have the disease, as long as the liver function normal not cure. One day suddenly in the newspaper to see his like Andy Lau have hepatitis B, found himself seemed to him a lot closer. When B into a mountain school, find the old man like that, know your heart is very weak, a failed his soul lost a whole week, you're not afraid of, look at other people's stories and then become quiet and strong. You said she left you, because she said that she would not adventure. You say is not because she is gone and sad, but she and you together is a kind of I don't have to comfort you, but quietly looking at a distant jungle. The balcony wind and refreshing, and you are out of your mind, you say, mother to bring you today's pain, and you do not hate, my father always drinks, no matter what your mother and sister and brother anyway, you want to be a strong man, to his sister to stationery and the book, she is very good, when they quarrel is a kind of tears, sometimes ask brother, why can't we swallow her home without a fight. You don't know the answer, the back will only teach her in flowers and birds assignment cover. You said many eager to close to me, want to have a talk, the teacher's eyes we are of two different children in the world. I want to own the day is not capital smart, because a teacher's daughter, father not to discredit. Maybe you just haven't you to a beloved teacher, strong friendly does not discriminate against the child's teacher, didn't like examination as taught in zombie mode. Over time, you have full, not that often by the teacher as a negative example of the poor students, I suddenly miss that, no matter how to exchange the position, the last row is always your footing. You said you once said that you have your own ideas, laugh often as a strange child. Recently heard that the classroom is taken, you say well, yes, and then said to have a class went down. You said you found myself growing up, at the gate of the park people call you aunt, bus pupils to let you seat. Today, pass by high school campus gate, see the faces, familiar with a stranger, they were passing we had way, and we are walking through the hepatitis B predecessors road. 2011 college entrance examination, a real let them grow up examination. Suddenly the look at me with doubt, I will be defeated and flee. Some of those changes, the old way how provoking attachment. At that time, the college entrance examination date of first from July to June, second days after the test, we went our separate ways, that lost mood did not know what expression. We think we can also see the next time. Only later found that those who did not say goodbye to someone you can't see. Those feelings will be in

mkcl07pfka is offline top mkcl07pfka said on 01/08/2014 03:50 AM :

Heart calendar Expo, the hibiscus hall paper: Nickchan ASEAN Expo, a familiar and unfamiliar names, because like many people, you can hear her and lies at the heart of every year, but did not really touched, so strange! You can boldly said, I should have had close contact with her, though, I don't have any action to prove, but deep inside, but not the same! When I see people record about ASEAN Expo text, images or video, I can not help beating heart envy them, envy them to have the chance to close contact with the previous Expo, that kind of feeling, is really a bit like, on the other side stood a very pretty and charming beauty, across the river I can only watch, or is picked up in the hands of the camera to record her appearance, will not come any closer, so, I always fantasy, one day yourself when the ferry boatman, a canoe to her slowly This is my first dream! Perhaps, a lot of people reading this, will say I draw a forced analogy, often thought of here, I always smile, what also didn't say, because the journey over the years, it is not in two words or three can say clearly! In 2004 October, the first session of the China ASEAN Expo held in nanning. That year I big, just over a month before the opening of the China ASEAN Expo, the first time I left home to study in Nanning, major is the study of Vietnamese, giving up a lot of equivalent professional is also very popular, small language and the choice has a direct relationship with ASEAN is a very cold door. Some people think that I don't understand, select a possible future employment trouble; also some people said that I have a mind, can foresee the future trend In retrospect, isn't it, a never too far away from hometown boy, he doesn't read newspapers, which have so much ability and courage, can be expected to the direction of economic development and join them, can only say, fate! Watching the students are all to attend ASEAN Exposition scene, looked at the Vietnamese teachers every day is a trim suit to go out, and then imagine him work scene, with fluent Vietnamese, follow the visiting Vietnam national leaders around the great hall, more let a person envy ah! So, I made a dream in the heart: the near future, I also want to do a translation, the ASEAN expo! Dream did not come true, I still try to. The time came in 2005, in October, the capital of the eyes slowly familiar Nanning, once again usher in the ASEAN meeting. This should be the closest I once, a year of language learning, not be I can attend the reason, even the volunteers are just miss the person or opportunity selection. When I hear the peer back those things about Hibiscus room: opening ceremony of the imposing manner is broad, the main stage design is so unique, dignified, the atmosphere, the leaders of these countries to all who. hear my heart, there is always a kind of feeling that can not say, joy, or regret, or encouraging! The next day, I went to Vietnam, to school, to work around, met many Vietnamese friends

auek29gtsj is offline top auek29gtsj said on 01/08/2014 04:22 AM :

Since this year, although the pause, but the market trend is still cachexia. After the stock market downturn because, in addition to the overall, system factors and market, also there are some disharmonious factors: part still exists defects in the construction of honesty, investor relations management, information disclosure, and some even illegal. In order to purify the market environment atmosphere of public opinion, since November 15th, the public securities news, public security net for the third session of the ten big black list listing Corporation selection activities officially started, and began to collect the black list, the list of candidates to the readers. According to the assembly results and expert opinion, a total of 28 listing Corporation shortlisted candidate list. This activity by readers and expert selection combining, at the beginning of next year selected by the end of 2013 ten big black list of listing Corporation. 1, Sinopec 600028 list the reasons: overview of Qingdao oil pipeline explosion: November 22nd, crude oil pipeline is located in Qingdao economic and Technological Development Zone of the rupture, causing oil spills, and part of the oil leakage into the municipal drainage culverts, flowing into the sea crossing, at the same time deflagration. The accident caused many casualties. At the same time, part of the crude oil pipeline along the rain into the Gulf of Jiaozhou, offshore oil over an area of about 3000 square meters. According to the list Sinopec published in December 3rd, the victims, the incident has caused 62 deaths. Therefore, Sinopec in November 22nd as the company safety warning. In November 25th, the accident investigation team leader, director of the State Administration of work safety Yang Dongliang pointed out, this is a very serious accident, at the same time, the cause of the accident and post processing of loopholes bursts of 15 to ask questions. In November 29th, the SASAC organizations held a central enterprise safety production and emergency management work conference, meeting the requirements of the central enterprises to strengthen red consciousness, development must not be at the expense of human life as the price. 2, China Everbright Securities 601788 list the reasons: 8middot; 16 incident shocked the market situation: eleven five on August 16, 2013, in exchange traded funds hereinafter referred to as Shen Shu arbitrage transactions, by programming errors, the strategy system of the used 23400000000 yuan to the massive funds purchase of 180ETF component, the actual turnover of 7270000000 element. As an insider, Everbright Securities in August 16th afternoon to hold shares converted into 180ETF and 50ETF and selling behavior and the afternoon of August 16, 2013 to sell short contract IF1309, IF1312 a total of 6240 acts constitute insider trading. In November 14th, the CSRC issued the decision on administrative penalty on the 8.16 incident Everbright Securities, Everbright Securities ETF insider trading the confiscation of illegal income 13070806.63 yuan, in addition to 5 times the illegal income confiscated and fines; Everbright Securities Insider Trading of stock index futures, the illegal income 74143471.45 yuan, and impose a fine of 5 times the illegal income. The above two fameikuan totaling 523285668.48 yuan. At the same time, the SFC is directly responsible to the Everbright Securities ETF insider trading supervisor.